REYKJAVIK – Ice Cave REYKJAVIK – Ice Cave, Speakers, Vifa, ASH Asia REYKJAVIK – Ice Cave, Speakers, Vifa, ASH Asia


Meet Reykjavik, the smallest Bluetooth speaker in our range. Available in natures finest materials, this little gem delivers a 360-degree sound experience. And when one is not enough, you can easily pair two to give you an even richer soundscape.



  • HIGH-RESOLUTION SPEAKERS - Powered by three neodymium drivers, the Reykjavik provides 360 degrees of high fidelity audio. You can connect to the Vifa Reykjavik through Bluetooth, or 3.5mm Aux, or USB-C.
  • COMPACT - Within its sleek and compact design is housed the components of this rechargeable Bluetooth speaker. It weighs less than 2 pounds and is less than 6 inches in diameter (smaller than a dollar bill.) Its compact design makes it perfect for bringing high-quality audio absolutely anywhere.
  • PREMIUM BUILD - The Vifa Reykjavik is topped in classic, high-quality Kvadrat wool on top. Its sturdy build allows for you to simply throw it in your bag and go.
  • CONNECTIVITY - This Bluetooth speaker also allows you to make phone calls using its included microphones. When not in use for a call, the microphones provide noise-cancellation for the music playing.
  • PAIRABLE - You can pair two Reykjavik Bluetooth speakers together for stereo sound from both devices, allowing for truly immersive sound wherever you are.



Height 65 mm / Diameter 139 mm