CASTOR Shark Fin
CASTOR Shark Fin CASTOR Shark Fin CASTOR Shark Fin CASTOR Shark Fin

The Mionix Castor is probably the best optical gaming mouse ever crafted...yet
we added colours to make your desk look fresh. With over 400 awards under its belt,
the Castor keeps you one step ahead of the competition and looking fresh as can
be in those clutch moments. The ergonomic design for right handers with
flawless ring and pinky finger grooves and a plush 4-layer rubber thumb insert keeps
your grip tight and always on target.

• 5000 native DPI optical sensor
• 128 kB built-in memory
• Windows and macOS software
• Adjustable DPI-settings in 100-steps
• 6 fully programmable buttons to give you
an advantage over the competition.
• Truly ergonomic design keeps your aim
• Durable Soft touch coated surface
• Non-tangle fabric cable
• Customisable RGB LED

• Mionix Castor Black
• Mionix brand stickers
• Get started guide